The Millennium Clock

A timepiece crafted to keep track of the next few centuries.

A timepiece as important as The Millennium is a creative blend of art and science. The Millennium is designed with the elegance and style symbolic of the great artists and crafted with the precision and accuracy of the most noble scientists. This magnificent timepiece was inspired by the Bella Pratt statues of "Art and "Science" - two heroic seated female figures in bronze (dated 1911) placed at the entrance to the Boston Public Library.

Carved on their massive granite pedestals are the names of the world's most eminent artists and scientists throughout history - names that are engraved on THE MILLENNIUM'S brass pedestal.

You will want to place your MILLENNIUM timepiece in an equally prominent position in your home or office. Like the Library's bronze statues, your MILLENNIUM reflects your values, your ideals to all those who will pass before it. Only one thousand timepieces will be created. Each will be handed down from generation to generation. A family heirloom - a blend of art and science - created to mark the passage of time for centuries in the new millennium.

THE MILLENIUM can be ordered with the famous Chelsea Ship's Bell strike or hour half hour strike. The 8-1/2 inch dial is silvered with gold plated raised numerals and millenium logo. The case and pedestals are forged brass. American walnut base. Limited edition numbers begin at 2000 and are registered and engraved on the pedestal back. The Millennium stands 12-1/2" high, is 14" wide and comes in a custom designed gift box. This is a large and impressive timepiece weighing 22 pounds. Manufactured in the U.S.A. by the Chelsea Clock Company.

Dimensions: 12-1/2"H, 14"W, 5-1/2"D, 22 Lbs.

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