Ship's Bell Clock

Forged brass. Available in 4-1/2" or 6" sizes. Strikes the traditional Ship's Bells. Also available with or without a mahogany base. A great piece of American nautical history.

  • Silvered Brass dial
  • Numerals are etched and painted on to the dial
  • Contains over 365 gold plated parts
  • Movement contains 11 jewels
  • Movement comes with 5 year warranty
What are Ship's Bell Clocks?

The Chelsea Clock Company's signature timepiece. They began making the Ship's Bell Clock over one hundred years ago - before the age of machines - when the art and craft of fine mechanical clockmaking reached its zenith. Some of the finest timepieces the world has ever seen were created in Europe and America at that time. Among today's treasured antiques are early models of our Ship's Bell Clock.

Remarkably, you can still acquire the original. Very little has changed in the way we make the Ship's Bell Clock today. Computerized machines may shape some of the hundreds of precision movement parts. But the greatest value comes from the changes that haven't been made. The clock's original balance wheel movement is unchanged. It cannot be improved upon. The hand-silvering process still used to create the clock's beautiful face was developed in the 19th century when silver graced every table. Manufactured in the U.S.A. by the Chelsea Clock Company.

A 4-1/2" or 6" Ship's Bell Clock can be selected individually or as a matched set with the Aneroid Barometer.

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