Centennial Clock

Created to celebrate one hundred years of fine American clockmaking at Chelsea. Features a forged brass case with hinged bezel, American walnut and brass base, and a 6" dial with gold plated raised numerals.

A most impressive timepiece. Forged brass case with hinged bezel. American walnut and brass base. The clock's 6" dial has gold plated raised numerals, a gold plated reveal centerpiece and silvered chapter ring. The precision wind-up Chelsea movement strikes the ship's bells in distinctive tones which are created by a leather tipped hammer striking a coiled steel gong resonating through the forged brass case. Each Centennial Clock is numbered and registered. A certificate of registration from the Chelsea Clock Company is included with the clock in its custom gift package.

Dimensions: 9-1/2"H, 8-1/2"W, 3-1/2"D, 12 LBS.

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