Desk Clocks

Admiral Deluxe Weather Station
Album - LCD Clock and Photo
'Aluminum' Weather Station
'Ambassador' Clock and Pen Set
'Avalon' Pendulum Clock
Bank Calendar Clock
'Blue Moon' Clock & Weather
British Tan Card Holder With Clock
Business Card Holder & Clock
Cafe Clock
'Capri' Desk Clock
Carnegie Clock & Thermometer
'Clear Sailing' Clock
'Clip It' Clock
Columbus Compass Weather Station Clock
Countdown Clock - Atomic Radio Controlled
Da Vinci See Thru Clock
'Delano' Pendulum Clock
'Desk Mate' Clock
Desk Top Multi-Time-Zone Clock
Desk Top Weather Station
'Dome' Desk Clock
Eiffel Tower Table Clock
Executive Card Holder Clock with Black Pen
Galaxy Clock
'Gift Box' Clock & Frame
Golden Arch Card Holder with Clock
'Gotham' Pillar Clock
'Grand Admiral' Chest Clock
Grand Dome Alarm Clock
'Gyro' Clock on Mahogany Base
'Gyro Rings' Clock
'Hammered' Clock With Magnifier
La Scala - Revolving Clock and Photo Frame
LCD Tower Instruments
LCD World Time Multi Clock
Mahogany Plaque/Photo Award Clock
Mahogany Swivel Clock
Metropolis Pillar Clock
Midnight World Time Clock
'Mini Diver Chronograph' Alarm Clock
Mini Weather Station with Alarm
Monaco Pendulum Clock
'Newport' Time & Weather
'One Step' Rainbow Alarm Clock
Onyx Rotating Clock & Photo Frame
Pillar Clock
'Port of Call' Multi Time Zone Clock
Port of Call Weather Station
'Porto' Chest Clock
Portrait LCD Alarm Clock
'Reno' Alarm Clock
Seven Seas Nautical Clock & Barometer
'Sierra' Chest Clock
Silver Dual Time & Picture Frames
Spinning Duo Clock & Thermometer
'Swivel' Alarm Clock
Swivel Weather Station
'Sydney' Time and Weather Station
Topper Clock - Photo Frame Award Plaque
Treasure Chest Captain's Clock
Treasure Chest Captain's Clock (Mahogany)
'Tres' Clock & Frames
'True Time & Temperature' Wireless Weather Station
Tuscan Radio Control Alarm Clock
'Twin Bell' Alarm Clock
'Wave Reflections' Clock
'Weather Forecaster' Clock and Calendar
'White Rainbow' Alarm Clock
Wood Atomic - Radio Control Desk Alarm Clock
World Time Clock
World Time Clock with Airplane Second Hand

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